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Mexican sugar skull tattoo designsMexican skull tattoo art
Photo credit: Alex O'Neal

A sugar skull tattoo – whether permanent or temporary - transforms your body into a living canvas; a colorful reminder of the transience of human life. As a form of body art, a Day of the Dead tattoo celebrates the magic and energy of our earthly existence, while constantly reminding us of the mystery that lies beyond.

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Mexican sugar skulls are a popular Day of the Dead icon that are easily recognizable and appreciated the world over. Known for their color and humor, Mexican sugar skulls embody a light-hearted view of death that many find refreshing. For those who celebrate Dia de los Muertos, death does not mean the end of existence. Instead, life continues in another form after the earthly body has been shed.

A Day of the Dead skull tattoo is a great way to memorialize someone you've loved and lost. The colors and symbolism of Mexican skull tattoo designs create a vibrant, living reminder of the loving connection between you and your loved one. You can choose to have the person's name inked onto your skin as well.

Sugar skull art tattooThis realistic Dia de los Muertos skull tattoo art beautifully combines realism and abstraction.
Photo credit: Alex de Pase

Even if you don't have someone specific in mind, decorating your skin with a Dia de los Muertos skull tattoo is also a way to express your views on life and death, to visually communicate your personal philosophy or spirituality. Many people get sugar skull tattoos simply because they like the way it looks and feel a special resonance with those Mexican tattoo designs.

Sugar skull tattoo art by Thaneeya McArdleRecognize this Day of the Dead tattoo art?
It's a tattoo of my sugar skull drawing
on the top right of this website!

Although a lot of skull tattoo designs can be scary or creepy, sugar skull tattoos are usually the opposite. Day of the Dead tattoos are usually beautiful designs that are humorous and colorful.

If you're thinking of getting a Day of the Dead skull tattoo, check out the sugar skull tattoo art designs on this page to spark your creativity. You can also check out my sugar skulls art to get ideas for Day of the Dead skull tattoo designs.

Be sure to carefully consider the placement of your sugar skull tattoo, because certain parts of your body will allow for greater detail than others. The complexity of your Mexican tattoo design will depend on where you have it made – for instance, a back tattoo will obviously give you more room to work with than an arm or leg tattoo.

Two of the Day of the Dead tattoos on this page were inspired by my sugar skulls art. If you have any of my Day of the Dead skulls tattooed, please submit a photo! We'd love to see how it looks and what inspired you to have it done.

Sugar skull tattoo art designDay of the Dead skull tattoo
Photo credit: Invisible Hour

Elvis sugar skull skeleton tattooHumorous Elvis skeleton tattoo
Photo credit: Claudmey

Sugar skull art tattoo designAnother skull tattoo inspired by my Day of the Dead art!

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